Atlas B Salvesen – Interview

I’ve had the pleasure of knowing Alastair Cairns AKA Atlas B Salvesen since the very first happy show in 2010.  Since then he’s gone on to sign a deal with Monday Records, produce and release his hauntingly beautiful Smoke Signals  EP which I played a role in and put together a band for a much fuller live performance. If you missed the launch at the Vanguard in November it was a night to remember! We still love his solo vibe and were lucky enough to catch an intimate one off show in East Sydney a few months back. We asked him to pay us a visit here at Happy HQ last week as part of a test run for the Happy Campfire Session videos. He was more than happy to oblige. Tilly Street asked Al a few things and he covered all things Happy, the recording of his debut EP Smoke Signals and plans for the next album. A big thanks to the IM crew for their awesome video production work.



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